#12 How To Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Your Career Change


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How many times have you talked yourself out of a great career change or business idea? Maybe you really liked the idea initially, but then you started nit-picking and finding faults with it and hence discarded it...Oh and all of this likely happened inside of your head too...Before you even got real-life feedback and external input, right? ;). And this scenario just keeps repeating itself. So you might (still) be stuck in the work scenario you so badly want to leave behind...
If you are a perfectionist, overthinker or control freak who is tired of nit-picking your dreams to pieces and instead want to discover a more concrete decision criteria - Don't miss this episode.
You'll discover 5 concrete strategies for replacing an unrealistic perfectionist criteria with something much more empowering and reality-checked - The perfect way to empower and fast-track your career change going forward!

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