Kevin O’Connor Previews NBA 2021


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Mega star in the basketball world Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer & The Mismatch podcast fame joins Courtney to preview all things sweet & sour on the 2021 NBA season. COVID in the NBA (05:12), Giannis MEGA DEAL with Milwaukee (7:34), Before of the Big Bold & Bad Eastern Conference (10:23), Nets v. Celtics + Danny Ainge (13:54), Can Kemba stay healthy? (15:09), How does Jayson Tatum take the next step (20:10), Most Intriguing Teams in NBA (25:20), Who has the most power over the front office (33:14). A little Major League Lacrosse merger Premier League Lacrosse primer which was huge news in the lacrosse world today, and NFL preview for Friday’s show.

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