Forever Employable Women Leader — WLS 108: How to Stop Looking for Work and Let Your Next Job Find You | Sabrina Braham and Jeff Gothelf


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Would you like to be sought out, as the go to person? Chosen over all others. The person who is relied on by people and organizations? Get ready to take back control of your career and grow your own talents in your area of expertise to stay sought after forever. Developing this mindset and commitment to your goal will insure work will always find you. Reduce your stress, build your community, monetize your talents, and become a Forever Employable Women Leader. If you want to step into a life where you new opportunities come to you, listen to this episode! Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to take back control of your career – leverage your expertise and reach your full potential? Are you ready to grow your talents in your area of expertise to choose your next job or career opportunity? In this episode of Women’s Leadership Success podcast, Sabrina Braham interviews Jeff Gothelf, author of Forever Employable. In Forever Employable, Jeff Gothelf describes how you can be a forever employable women leader in your area of expertise and how that will lead you to business opportunities. These suggestions will help entrepreneurs who want develop new ventures. And it will also magnify a woman’s career development by helping them to stay relevant in their current jobs, and prepare for the job of their dreams. Jeff Gothelf About Jeff Gothelf: Women's Leadership Success Guest Author Jeff work’s as a coach, speaker, author & consultant to help organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products. Jeff started his career as a designer working with the first companies to use the internet as a new communication, sales and service channel. Over his 20-year career Jeff has worked as an information architect, product manager, design team leader, founder, trainer, coach and consultant. Women's Leadership Success 108 Highlights: How to Be Forever Employable Women Leader Planting Your Flag: Learn why this is by far one of the biggest obstacles to getting the process started. Motivation Speech: How to develop your own unique story that no one else can tell. What is 101-level content and how it will help you develop your talents Discover the Japanese Concept called “Ikigai” and the four questions to help you identify where to plant your flag. Change your thinking to Entrepreneurialism: If you are going to build this platform of your expertise, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset because essentially you’re treating your career as a product. Reinvent yourself to build Self-confidence Use Continuous Learning for your strategic women’s career development. Take action for Continuous improvement: keep applying the new skills you learn. What Are Your Top Questions and Comments on Forever Employable Women Leaders? Please post them in the comments window below. Free Assessment & Leadership Coaching with Sabrina Braham MA MFT PCC Strengths Finder Assessments & Coaching Especially for Women Leaders Ask Sabrina Anything to Advance Your Leadership Are you ready to take the next step to maximize your Strengths and achieve your professional and personal goals? Schedule a FREE @sk Sabrina Anything call to ask any questions about learning, loving and living your strengths! Sabrina has decades of on the job Fortune 1000 expertise in leadership and career development helping women (and men) be better leaders. It doesn’t matter whether you are already leading a company, managing a team or aspire to a leadership role, contact Sabrina today and ask your burning questions to help you get promoted, earn more money and have a greater impact.

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