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In this special bonus episode of Bulletproof Radio, the person known as America's No. 1 Success CoachJack Canfieldjoins me to talk about how you still have time to finish this year strong and move into the new year with a powerful plan.

“Everyone says, "Well, we're going to have a new normal,” Jack explains. “What if we say, "Let's have a new better"?”

He’s developed a 16-week Coaching Club that combines the energy, excitement, and connection of a live event with the face-to-face accountability, commitment, and feedback of an ongoing coaching program. Jack will be personal mentorlive!

“This program helps anyone take their next step and helps them figure out what is it that they want to create,” Jack says. “It's pretty much for anyone who wants to get better and produce more and have more fun and have a better life.”

Jack’s favorite meme of 2020 is both funny and spot on: "Nobody got it right in 2015 when they said, 'Where do you see yourself in five years?'"

This past year made everyone rethink life, work, family and friendships. “What's really starting to show up during a pandemic is accountability and community,” Jack says.

People found creative ways to change. Online learning itself completely leveled up and opened doors that previously didn’t exist.

Jack gives such value in his teachings that I’ve invited him to the show several times before on episodes #551 “From LSD to Chicken Soup” and #471 “Go Beyond Chicken Soup and Confront Your Fears.” His new Coaching Club program gives you all the tools you need to act on your ideas and inspirations.

“Fear is going into the future and imagining bad stuff,” he says. “So, you can just as easily go into the future and imagine positive stuff.”


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