How to Move from Anonymous to Authority – In Just 7 Minutes with Melanie Colling


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Discover how to accelerate your authority in your field, industry, or niche Learn how you can leverage your message through podcasting and become a 'stand out' in your field Know how to get 'effortless attention' from people who matter to you and and your business through podcasting Resources/Links: Check out Melanie’s Website: Summary Want to get your word out there but don’t know how? Are you sure you’re using the right media to connect and engage with your potential new clients? Do you want to know an easier, more fun, and amazingly cost-efficient way to spread your message? Melanie Colling is the Founder of Purpose Driven Projects, Co-Founder of Experts on Air, a podcast booking agency, the host of the Business Connections Podcast and Amazon International best-selling Co-Author of You Are a Genius. In this episode, Melanie shares her insights on how you can get heard and be an authority in your field, industry, or niche through engaging in the right media. She also shares how podcasting is the best way to market yourself, share your message out there, and meet potential new clients. Check out these episode highlights: 01:24 - Melanie’s ideal client: “Our ideal client is someone who's an expert in their field or industry or niche, and they want to try and get their message or knowledge or story out there to more people in less time.” 01:48 - Problem Melanie helps solve: “We help them get heard, get seen, get known for what they do, and help them become an authority in the industry, field, or niche so- and also move them from chasing clients, opportunities, etc, to them attracting clients, opportunities partners.” 02:39 - Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Melanie: “They're trying to do everything themselves. So they're usually feeling overwhelmed, busy, trying to do all the marketing stuff, which is kind of not what they're meant to be doing because they get paid to deliver their service, whatever that might be.” 03:29 - Common mistakes that people make before they find Melanie’s solution: “So just off the back of that question, it's, you know, they're doing it on themselves. And they kind of know that they shouldn't be, but they don't know, you know, who to go to, you know, who did they trust, which beat do they do, they think they've got to do everything.” 04:54 - Melanie’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): “The best piece of advice is just to take a step back, and just have a look at where are you today? Where do you want to go in your business? And like, what's your plan to get there? Just, you know, off the top of your head, how would you like to get there? Whether that's you doing it yourself or someone else.” 05:46 - Melanie’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Check out Melanie’s Website: 07:01 - Q: Why podcasting? A: Because it's so easy, and it's so much fun. Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode: “Take a step back, and just have a look at where are you today.” -Melanie CollingClick To Tweet Transcript (Note, this was transcribed using a transcription software and may not reflect the exact words used in the podcast) Tom Poland 00:09 Hello, everyone, and a very warm welcome to another edition of Marketing The Invisible. My name is Tom Poland, beaming out to you from Little Castaways Beach in Queensland, Australia, joined today by Melanie Colling. Melanie, where are you hanging out? Melanie Colling 00:22 I'm hanging out in sunny Melbourne today. Tom Poland 00:25 Sunny. That's- Right? I mean, what's- Melbourne's the like- Melanie Colling 00:27 It is sunny. Four different seasons. Tom Poland 00:31 City of four Seasons in one day, yeah? So folks, for those of you don't know Melanie, she is the Founder of Purpose Driven Projects and the Co-founder of Experts On ...

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