Improving Your Public Speaking Skills and Presentations with Terri Sjodin


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Whether you’re an executive speaking in front of your colleagues, an entrepreneur leading a sales presentation, or even just talking with your friends, at some point or another, you’re going to have to speak in public. If you’re like a lot of people, it might terrify you – and the COVID-19 pandemic requiring almost all of our meetings to be virtual probably hasn’t helped.

Fortunately, there are self-proclaimed speech geeks like Terri Sjodin out there in the world to help us improve. Terri has spent the last 30 years working to help people and businesses build and deliver more polished, persuasive, and effective presentations – and, since March, has focused her work on the tools and technologies you can use right now to forge more authentic connections.

Today, Terri and I are talking about the shocking mistakes that tons of professionals make when they speak in public, as well as sharing some techniques you can use right now to become a better speaker, no matter where or how you’re meeting.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Everyone can benefit from improving their presentation skills, even if you don’t work in sales or ever have to get up on a stage.
  • The three benchmarks people use to measure the effectiveness of a presentation.
  • Why storytelling is such a big component of almost every successful presentation.
  • Three things you can do right now to improve your presentations - and the tools and technology that can help you deliver higher-quality virtual presentations.
  • What makes someone a great presenter.

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