This Is My Last Sober Episode, I Can't Do This (Diets, Gay stuff, Abuse & Eating disorders)


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**This episode discusses abuse and eating disorders. If Discussing these subjects in a light hearted, comedic manner offends you, listener discretion advised**
This week on She's Not Doing So Well, we talk about the year ending and what we want to leave in 2020. Bobby talks about sexual abuse and The Miz talks about how he dealt with eating disorders. We got very deep in this episode but also kept it super casual and comedic. While we are laughing and having a good joke, we do take these matters serious. We talk about just being gay in general and why its impossible to be what everyone wants. We talk about the poisoned Russian politician and how he pulled the James Bond of all moves to bust his attempted murders and the boys think Putin is probably gay. This episode is full of ups and downs and we can't wait to get on the other side of 2020.
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