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In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is Gary Taubes, an award-winning (and my all-time favorite) scienceand health journalist widely known for his investigative work on the food and diet industries.

He explains how the conventional thinking on obesity has led to 60 years of controversy, the on-going “diet wars,” and the current obesity and diabetes epidemics.

You may know his previous book, “The Case Against Sugar,” which exposed the harsh dangers of sugar in our diets. He’s on this episode with his new book, “The Case For Keto.”

“The nutritional and academic authorities have failed us, and they and we should acknowledge that,” he says. “Had they not failed us, we would, almost by definition, never have reached this point of epidemic obesity.”

Decades of bad science within the mainstream medical community led to all sorts of bad advice from doctors on how patients should diet and manage their overall nutrition. In this episode we talk about the decades of those misconceptions:

  • How authorities from the 1820s onward, and clinical trials from the 1930s onward, reported that people with obesity could lose weight “as if by magic” if they just abstained from carbohydrates and replaced those calories with fat.
  • How the fat shaming so prevalent in our society stems directly from the conventional thinking on obesity, that we get fat because we consume more calories than we expend, that we overeat.
  • Why trying to lose weight by eating less and exercising more—trying to create and maintain a calorie deficit—will make us hungry, but not lean.
  • Why tens of thousands of physicians worldwide have taken, specifically, to eating ketogenic diets—"keto,” very low in carbohydrates, high in fat—and why they now prescribe this way of eating to their patients.

“People do fad diets, because the conventional wisdom doesn't work,” Gary says. “You do exactly what you're told to do and all it does is keep you fat and make you hungry. You feel bad about yourself because you blame yourself for failing. Any reasonable person in that circumstance is going to look for another approach.”

So, how can we move forward on a better path? I’m so excited for you to listen and find out.

Gary’s work is some of the best at breaking everything down in order to reveal the truth. And in this case, you’ll learn from him how he found out that a low-carb/high-fat diet makes you healthier, controls blood sugar and blood pressure, diminishes chronic pain, reduces weight, and improves heart disease risk. What’s not to love?

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