BTM176: 16,000 Land Deals Using No Debt with Steven Butala and Jill Dewit


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Imagine building a 24 million dollar business without any leverage or debt. Sounds insane right? Well not to our guest on today's episode. To date, Steven Butala and Jill Dewit have done over 16,000 land deals since 1999 and don't plan on letting up soon.

On today's episode, it's only right that we do a deep dive into their business as well as the tools and systems that allowed their business to scale to the multimillion dollar mark. We discover the land secrets that most investor don't want you to know. If you've ever been interested in land flipping then this episode is for you.

App discussed on today's episode: Offers to Owners, Real Quest Pro, Data Tree, Neighbor Scoop, and Pat Live.

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Showing Up for Life by Bill Gates Sr.

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