#13 Why You Haven't Changed Careers Or Started That Business...Yet!


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If you've been wanting to change careers or start a business for years - This is a must-listen episode. We'll dive deep and get honest about how to ensure you don't get to the end of another year and still find yourself stuck in the same career/job/work scenario you so badly want to escape.
Making a big change after 35 requires way more concrete and powerful strategies than just adding vague New Year's Resolutions or faffy gadgets - Especially in our ever-evolving world where the black hole of doomscrolling threatens to gobble up every minute of available time away from your big dreams.
Let's get honest about what it really takes to make 2021 the year you (finally!!!) create a career or business that's both meaningful and future-proof - Get ready for some rather frank and direct (but immediately applicable) advice!

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