Pretty Little Lies


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Once again, we are provided with a story from Nicole’s past filled with those pretty little lies & leaving out those small details. The truth always comes out. All of this leads up to diving into the details of how she has spent 10 years of failure, the wrong clients, & struggling. She came to the table already knowing what to do and how to teach it to others. Being honest and transparent about your income, results and not making shit up was all incorporated into her road to success. Overnight success isn’t a thing & pretending that you did it definitely isn't cool…

The biggest part of this all is lying to yourself.

Hit play to tune into this badass episode filled with:

  • An intriguing story
  • How to tell the truth to keep your integrity
  • Avoiding lying to yourself - crushing limiting beliefs
  • Taking responsibility for your actions

Get ready to level up!!

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