Episode 119, Season 3, Sahala Larnyoh, New  Music, The Healing Frequencies of Awakened Song


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This week’s guest Sahala Larnyoh carries a deep wisdom and grace beyond her years. She is one of the pioneers of what might be called new consciousness music, and is stepping into sharing the gift of her true voice with the world. As she says, she wants to see everyone free and in their brilliance, and has chosen to come here in this lifetime to express through music, a gift she received through her ancestral lineage. Before her awakening Sahala says she had a “good voice” that deep down she knew wasn’t the best of her potential. After her awakening she understood that she has healing frequencies "riding on the back" of what she sings, even if she is just humming. Our conversation turned to how self love heals you. First, as you move into your joyful expression, then as your cup is full, you share. We talked about how stepping into the magnificence of self love and away from your limitations, is the note that opens the door to all these other tones to unfold. Sahala shared that all the patterns and programs she has been able to remove through frequency work (see Episode 117 with Kaya Usher) has helped her deepen into the power of her musical gifts. As she has become more aware of the truth of who she really is—she has been able to share that awareness through her music. Sahala says though she does sing about some of the heavier stuff, she says she spots it and releases it, finishing it so the energy of resolution is in the very beat of her song. In her latest video, Watermelon Girl, (link below) Sahala knew she wanted to bring in the healing frequencies of and purity of nature into the presentation. She shared that the new consciousness, always present in nature, has in a sense up-leveled the ability of music to express in new ways, and that energy has amplified and is available to everyone no matter what their profession. As Sahala said, this episode is an invitation to take the time to truly know yourself, moving slowly and surely into your heart space allowing yourself to relax in that space and open up to you.


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