Season 2, Episode 3 - Michael Clos discusses has been repurposing bourbon barrels as a therapeutic side hustle and outlet for his creativity


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Join us for season 2, episode three of the Side Hustle City podcast. This week we chat with Michael Clos about his passion project Sterling Barrels. He describes it as an outlet for his creativity and a sort of therapeutic retreat from his corporate day job.
It also happens that his side hustle has turned into a legit profitable business that will allow him to pay off his home mortgage early. He credits the success of his side hustle to his wife, who gives him space and time to practice his gift.
Michael is also someone who was successful before starting Sterling Barrels. He is a professional at a very large company working on process improvement. He discovered what he does at his full-time job every day actually helps tremendously with his side hustle. In the podcast, he discusses how someone can discover the skills they have and use those for a profitable side hustle.
This is a very entertaining episode as Micheal is no stranger behind a microphone. He also does stand-up comedy and can lighten up the mood in any room. Check out his Instagram account for his work and some very entertaining videos.

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