Toolbox | Why Love Isn't Enough & 4 Skills You Need for a Healthy Relationship


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In today’s episode, we cover how to keep the romance in your life fresh.

Unfortunately, many of us believe relationship myths as truth which can set us up for failure, so what are the biggest relationship myths, what else do you need besides love to make a relationship work, and what skills can you start working on today to improve your relationships?

What to Listen For

  • The Biggest Relationship Myths - 5:50

  • What are the biggest myths surrounding relationships and why do we believe them?
  • Why do some people fall in love with falling in love more than they fall in love with actual people?
  • How are dating apps making it more difficult for you to find a healthy relationship and what should you do to avoid falling into the swipe life trap?
  • What are the 2 human traits that work against us when it comes to dating apps and how do we overcome them?

  • The Tools for Strengthening Relationships - 15:45

  • What are emotional bids and how can you use them to deepen your relationships?
  • What is the DEEP framework and how can you use it to understand the differences between you and your partner?
  • What question can you and your partner ask each other to develop actionable goals to be more supportive of one another?
  • What 4 skills can you start working on today to keep your relationship fresh?
  • What simple exercise can you implement every day or week to improve communication in your relationships?
  • What are the 3 levels of listening and how can your knowledge of them help you strengthen relationships?

A long-lasting happy relationship requires more than just love. If you don’t have the skills to navigate all of the issues and challenges that inevitably arise from two people spending time together, love won’t simply solve all of your problems. Fortunately, the skills necessary to forge healthy relationships can be taught and learned, but you must be willing to grow.

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