In Plain Sight: The Treasures all Around Us!


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Bored with #lockdown, looking for something to add interest to your day? Then join us for a conversation about the Twitter postbox challenge with this week's guest hosts, Madelaine and Catherine.
During previous and current lockdown walks they have been noticing details that might normally be missed. For example, Catherine spotted various door knockers and Madelaine started photographing boot scrapers outside front doors. By photographing these items, they were able to spot differences and fashions. A tweet by Winchester Heritage Open Days about the only Edward VIII postbox in Winchester set them off photographing post-boxes and posting them on Twitter with the hashtag #PostboxChallenge.
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This is our final podcast of Season Two - we are now going to take a short break to prepare Season Three. We will be back on 3rd March, but until then you can listen again (and again) to all our podcasts from Season One and Two, as well as enjoy our films and recorded talks from last year’s Heritage Open Days festival. Find out more here.

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