169 - IMPLEMENT, The Next Step in the Strategic Planning Process with Host, Sarah Boxx


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Welcome, once again, to the No Labels, No Limits podcast! This week is the final installment of our four-part series to help you get to think through how to “right-size” your 2021 strategic planning process.

Today’s episode is all about “IMPLEMENTING" and documenting your planning sessions:

· Create the Container

· Build Out the Container – Your Template

· Approve and Communicate Your Plan

A plan is a roadmap, a blueprint, a guidebook that lets you lead with impact. If you have a plan but don’t share it, you might as well not invest in planning. You don’t have to share ALL of it with EVERYONE (you get to decide that as part of planning). But, again – if you want others to know where you are going, what success looks like, and the timing, talent and resources they have to achieve success, you have to share.

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