The Impact Of COVID - 19 On Litigation And Risk Management


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Sy Everett and the title is The Impact of COVID-19 on Litigation and Risk Management. This week we have Sy Everett, III, a Founding Partner of Everett Doery, LLP, discussing the impact of COVID-19 on litigation and risk management. Sy shares the successes of adaptability, effective communication although remote and how technological advancements have aided in replacing former risk management strategies. Two areas that have suffered from COVID-19’s remote meetings are Mediation and Jury Trials. In-person mediation is much more effective to help litigators become accustomed to an unfamiliar process, as well as bridging the gap and conveying the value of compromise as all parties’ best interest. While some Jury Trials have reconvened in-person, with safety precautions of social distancing and face coverings, there comes great difficulty with keeping remote jurors accountable. Without being in a courtroom, jurors face many distractions and risk being impartial in observing the case. Sy shares the challenges of COVID-19 has also brought positive long standing impact for Risk Management and Litigation, such as accessibility, diminished overhead costs, minimized barriers for entry into the workforce and education, increased collaboration and the destigmatization of working remotely means less productivity.

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