390: Dr. Josh Axe on Ancient Remedies, Fatherhood, & the Rise + Decline of the #1 Natural Health Website


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Watch the full video interview on YouTube here: https://bit.ly/drjoshaxe390

Dr. Josh Axe (IG: @drjoshaxe) is the founder of Ancient Nutrition and DrAxe.com. He’s the author of the bestselling books Keto Diet and The Collagen Diet. Josh is the host of The Dr. Axe Show.

Today we’re discussing Josh's upcoming book, Ancient Remedies.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Becoming a new father & parenthood
  • Josh's greatest challenges with a newborn
  • Home births are an incredible experience
  • Frustration can cause toxicity of your liver & gallbladder
  • 50% of our health problems are due to emotions we experience
  • Using ancient forms of medicine to heal
  • Spirituality is important to health
  • Healing leaky gut syndrome can take 6 months to 2 years
  • Dr. Axe’s mom’s cancer journey
  • The natural cancer healing protocol Josh created for his mom
  • Faith and hope are ancient remedies for healing
  • Helping people treat the root cause of disease
  • Dr. Axe's latest book Ancient Remedies covers 70 protocols for healing
  • Fibromyalgia is caused by past trauma
  • The importance of building relationships in your community
  • The rise and decline of the #1 natural health website
  • The truth about social media sites and the censorship of natural health & wellness
  • Astragulus is the most powerful herb for digestive & immune health
  • Fo-ti is used to reverse aging & gray hair
  • Schisandra is a powerful anti-aging berry
  • Triphala is used for digestive issues
  • Cordyceps boosts lung health
  • Siberian ginseng increases performance
  • Reishi is the most powerful mushroom for anti-aging
  • Turkey tail is used for fighting viral infections
  • Lion’s mane helps repair nerve damage
  • Herb combining principles
  • Taking turmeric with black pepper increases absorption by 154%

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