017: How Do I Succeed On Social Media?


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Today we are going to be talking about social media again! Nearly all your clients are on social media for hours every day. How do you leverage this and give them helpful content, plus get more visibility for your practice?

We’re going to talk more about this today with Dr. Marie Fang, she is a licensed psychologist practicing in San Jose, CA. She is the host of Private Practice Skills, a popular youtube channel for therapists in private practice, and she is going to help me answer the frequently asked question: How do I succeed on social media?

Dr. Marie will be sharing personally like she always does, and I hope you find great value in this episode. Plus, towards the end of this episode, I’ll be sharing a special offer for anyone who is thinking about creating your own therapy practice website.

Some talking points:

  • Focusing on one social media platform
  • Repurposing content across platforms
  • How did Marie choose YouTube?
  • Let your unique personality show up, and be consistent in sharing your voice. Don't copy others!
  • Develop your brand story

Marie's YouTube channel: Private Practice Skills

Marie's new course: How to DIY a Therapist Website that Fills your Practice (with zero ads!) Enter promo code 20OFF for $20 off savings :)

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