How to Find Unique Opportunities in Any Situation | Martin Lindstrom on Impact Theory


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More and more this world is filled with noise, distractions, rules, and echo chambers enough to program our minds into machines rather than ones filled with common sense. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by founder and chairman of the Lindstrom Company,author, and one of TIME Magazine’s “World’s 100 Most Influential People” Martin Lindstrom to discuss such matters and more as they explore how you can begin to cut through all the noise of today and begin to reconnect with not only common sense but also a purpose that drives you forward in life. They discuss the unique opportunities found in today’s world, the power of empathy, why you need to know what your hand for, the importance of developing your personal brand, how we can return to a world filled with common sense, the pitfalls of being attached to your cellphone, why depression is more rampant than ever, how to live an ideal life, and much more.

Order Martin’s book, ’The Ministry of Common Sense’:


Snapshot | Martin explains himself and world view in a quick snapshot. [0:32]

Opportunity | Martin reveals why he still sees opportunity everywhere in this world. [1:25]

Empathy | Martin shares the incredible power of empathy. [3:56]

What You Stand For | Martin shares why you need to know exactly what you stand for. [7:24]

Small Steps | Martin reveals how to become who you want to be through small steps. [9:44]

Your Brand | Martin reveals the importance of getting your personal brand right. [14:39]

Depression | Martin reveals why lack of purpose is the biggest risk of this pandemic. [22:52]

Detox | Martin shares why we must detox from being stuck and living behind a screen. [29:25]

Touch | Martin shares how to re-connect with your sense of touch. [30:53]

Common Sense | Martin reveals what a return to common sense looks like. [35:40]

Reality | Martin reveals why we continue to move further away from common sense. [40:45]

Expressions | Martin reveals a story about how important facial expressions are to us. [42:57]

What Matters | Martin reveals what we can do to ensure empathy doesn’t disappear. [45:35]

An Ideal Life | Martin reveals his instructions to living an ideal life. [49:46]

Connect | Martin shares how you can engage with Martin to hear more. [54:38]


“You need to have a guiding light and my recommendation to many people is to say, “Find one word you want to be navigated by,” and then build a space around that with a confirming or re-affirming that focus…” [8:51]

“My advice to everyone is to say, “Find out what is your core skill and what is the one thing you want to combine it with which no one has done before?”” [19:22]

“I think what you have to ask yourself is, “What are the emotional footsteps you want to create behind yourself?”” [34:01]







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