Your Riding Plan - Part 4:- 1 Exercise - Multiple Ways to Use it in Your Riding [Surprise Inside]


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Have you been feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to finding exercises to ride with your horse in the arena? Have you found yourself creating more and more complex grids, and then struggling to make them work for you and your horse? If so, here is a simple exercise you can use this month to help minimize the overwhelm and get you in the saddle and making progress.

All you need are 3 or 5 ground poles and a fairly flat piece of land to ride on if you don’t have access to an arena.

The key to this exercise is intention regarding what you are doing and attention to how well things are going. Attention to detail is important when working on simple. It is what makes simple really work and help propel you and your horse forward in your training.

Lay Out the Poles for the Exercise

To get set up, find the quarter line of your arena. If you are working in an open space, such as a paddock or field, simply find a flat area with enough space to lay the poles out in a straight line.


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