Episode 446: Earth Vs the Spider


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In this episode of The B-Movie Cast, Mary and Nic are joined by Eric Brooks. Though Eric’s specialty is all things Egyptian, he decided to join us for something BIG, and by “BIG” we mean Bert I. Gordon. The gang are checking out one of Mr. B.I.G.’s big creature features: “Earth Vs the Spider” (AKA- “The Spider”). It’s a tale of one giant arachnid’s who just wants to make some new friends. Unfortunately, by making friends we mean sucking all the juice from their bodies and leaving them dead, dried up husks!

This film is a classic of 50’s sci-fi/horror and it’s a whole lot of fun to watch! So grab your favorite BIG beverage and maybe that extra BIG popcorn and tune for this episode of The B-Movie Cast!

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