44. Orville Hall - The Life of The Dancehall Professor


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ARTIST: Orville Hall
COUNTRY: Jamaica 🇯🇲
STYLE: Dancehall
COMPANY: Dance Xpressionz
Orville Hall aka the Dancehall professor is one of the most known names in dance and Dancehall in Jamaica. He is the artistic director for Theatre Xpressionz, the professional company that operates the popular dance group DANCE XPRESSIONZ and XPRESSIVE MOVES dance workshops. Orville is also the resident and chief judge for Jamaica's n°1 dance program Dancing Dynamite. Orville Hall has placed his name in the history books as being the person to have written the dancehall course for the college, the 1st in any institution in the Caribbean.
Today Orville xpressionz is one of the chief choreographers of music videos and corporate functions in Jamaica, working with such names as Shaggy, Sean Paul, Beenie man, Sean Kingston, Jimmy cliff, Ric rok, and Mr Vegas, RDX just to name a few.
Enjoy this unique insight into the life of the professor from Kingston!
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