Emergency Songs, Franz Kafka, Ganyang Nasionalisme, Music For Your Plants & more from Mar 24, 2011


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Monk Turner + Fascinoma - "Where's My Horse?" - Emergency Songs [Feature @ Free Music Archive]
Hiiragi Fukuda - "TV Dinner" - The Stable At Dawn [DONATE to Red Cross @ Free Music Archive]
Eric Boros - "Elindultam Hosszú Útra" - Betyárnóták [Eric Boros @ Free Music ArchiveSee Also: Vialka]
Dragon - "America" - Kalahen LP [Dragon @ Free Music Archive]
Neuroleptic Trio - "Džejbe Džejbe" [Neuroleptic Trio @ Free Music Archive]
Silver Abuse - "In The Casbah" - Live at Lucky Gator 12/27/07 [Silver Abuse @ Free Music Archive]
The Prefab Messiahs - "Franz Kafka" - Franz Kafka / Prefab Sun 7" [Prefab Messiahs @ Free Music Archive]
Milisi Kecoa - "Ganyang Nasionalisme" - Kalian Memang Menyedihkan [Milisi Kecoa @ Free Music Archive]
Los Negretes - "Los Últimos 10 Minutos de María Duval" - Los Últimos 10 Minutos de María Duval [Los Negretes feature @ Free Music Archive]
Glass Boy - "AAB" - DSM [Glass Boy @ Free Music Archive]
Music For Your Plants - "Tour Peru" - Music For Your Plants cassette [Music For Your Plants @ Free Music Archive]
Nisiru - "Magyar Skweeast" - We Call It Skweeast! Vol 1 [Skweeast v1 @ Free Music Archive] https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/39681

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