Jim Swan - a doctor living with terminal brain cancer


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In this episode, I speak with Dr. Jim Swan, an esteemed cardiologist from Toronto. He is one of the most highly-regarded physicians in Canada and a real trailblazer in the field of cardiology.

In 2019, Jim lost his twin brother George to Glioblastoma (also known as GBM), the most aggressive form of brain cancer. They were 70 years old. As fate would have it, only one year later, Jim would be diagnosed with the same deadly disease. Just as Jim made the practice of medicine a mission in his life, he found a new purpose in searching for the root cause of GBM. With a $3M donation, he established a fund at the University of Toronto to research the genetics of GBM in order to prevent others from getting it.

We met at his home in Toronto in the early summer of 2020 with his beloved golden retriever Hennessey by his side. We spoke about his love of hockey and the amazing relationships he has built from it, times with his brother and his resilience to look beyond his own terminal brain cancer to help others also living with a brain tumour.

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