Ep.7 - From Self-Sabotage To Self-Support With Ashley Beaudin


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Hey Rebels,
We have a good one for you today! We are talking about something we all do: self-sabotage and how we can use this way of protecting ourselves to turn it into self-support.
In this episode we talk to Ashley Beaudin, a trauma-informed coach and speaker who helps creatives shift from self-sabotage to self-support. She is passionate about creating brave spaces for people to heal and connect with themselves. She is gentle and loving and holds space for all to truly feel authentic.
During the episode we go deeper into some of the posts Ashley has posted on her social media including 8 Types of Self-Sabotage.
Follow Ashley on Instagram @Ashley.Beaudin.
Ashley has a retreat on Slow Business coming up from March 15th to March 19th 2021. Click here for more.
To wrap up the episode, Jessica gives us an energy update!

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Have a good week, Rebels!

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