Recognizing Emotional Arousal States


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We need to do a better job of recognizing our own emotional arousal states and the emotional arousal states of others to get the best out of ourselves, each other, and what we're trying to do.

What happens when a player or person is over-aroused? You're too jacked and you overhit causing it to go into the net or out of the park. What happens when a person or player is under-aroused? You can't bring your best of anything and you set a low standard for yourself.

To play at your best but not overplay takes a considerable amount of observation and modulation of personal emotional arousal states.

In this episode we examine human arousal states; what they are and how they effect us for the purpose of helping clubs, coaches, parents, and players appreciate how harnessing them can help and ignoring them can hurt a players performance and their long term love of the game.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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