Ep. 261: There's No Free Lunch with Renewable Energy


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Steven Rinella talks with Nels Johnson, Ryan Callaghan, Spencer Neuharth, Corinne Schneider, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: How the name Phil means lover of horses; the crossbow arms race and slippery slopes; a war against lucky people and children; The MeatEater Podcast saves yet another life; outing your grandpa for unsportsman-like conduct; when bad people mess with good beaver trappers; a solar and wind footprint the size of Texas; acid rain of days past; what does "clean coal" actually mean?; the problem of runaway climate change; mining the sun and siting the wind; the sad irony of having a dozen stainless steel thermoses in your cupboard; Cal as uniquely conscientious about waste and reuse; how much land The Nature Conservancy has transferred that you've probably hunted and fished on; car companies pledging to go all electric and the trade in value of Cal's Tundra by the time they do; one farmer's marginal is another farmer's best place; and more.

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