Working With The Emotional Cloak Of Invincibility On The Tennis Court


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If you learn somethings quickly, you tend to create an "emotional cloak of invincibility" or an emotional belief that you are the best (i.e. better than your friends or peers) at things in a certain activity in life. If you learn something in science or sports quickly, you tend to develop that belief or an emotional cloak of invincibility which is great for confidence and forging ahead in life but what happens when that new activity is agonizing?
The emotional cloak of invincibility quickly turns into emotional self-consciousness and potential embarrassment. This in turn produces a kind of personal resistance and maybe even actively trying to slow your colleagues down - if I can't get it, nobody is going to get it.
In this episode, we examine how to spot and work with our own and others cloaks of invincibility through recognition, inquiry, acknowledgment, and validation through group support.
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