Interview with Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D., Global Leadership Coach


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Barbara is a speaker, author and seminar leader with over 18 years of global experience living and working in Hong Kong, China, Australia, Singapore, Canada and the U.S.
Barbara inspires individuals, entrepreneurs, and leaders to reconnect with their highest purpose and make key paradigm shifts and breakthroughs, so their teams and organizations can effectively create large scale changes in society and the world.
Barbara is a member of the Leadership Development Faculty for the Asia Pacific Region at a top global financial institution, and visiting professor at SFU, Beedie School of Business (Vancouver, Canada), where she teaches Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the MBA program.
In her transformational and inspirational new memoir, The Unexpected Gift readers will learn of a journey to self-discovery and renewal after the implosion of her marriage. She’ll share a roadmap to how you can fully engage with a diverse world, embrace a richer and more authentic life, and emerge anew after the unthinkable, while learning an invaluable lesson on the foundations of leadership.
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