E242 Ask Nick - It’s Weird, It Doesn’t Make Him A Weirdo


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It’s Monday, which means it is time for Ask Nick! On today’s episode we start with a caller that has finally brought it to the bedroom with her new boyfriend and finds out there is a way he prefers to “finish” that she was not expecting and she is wondering if it is a red flag or something she should just go with. Our second caller is stuck at the point in her dating relationship where she wants to define the relationship and she does not know how to approach it. Next we speak with someone who has been dealing with her boyfriend and his addiction issues throughout their relationship. He admitted his discretions got sober & put in the work that made their relationship better, but now with the pandemic the past resentment he was feeling kept coming up and brought new issues into their relationship. Lastly one of our 10 percenters call in to get some advice on feeling like he is cheating on his fiancé with the sexually explicit dreams he is having.
“…You be very specific, you be unafraid, you be bold, and at the risk of you being disappointed, you tell him how you feel and what you want.”
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