582: Patti Milligan on Growing Healthier Eaters


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Connecting childhood nutrition to gardening.

In This Podcast: A fascinating chat with Patti Milligan lets us explore ways to help children crave healthier foods. Patti discusses how taste, smell, and environment are influential to what drives our diet preferences from a young age. She encourages parents to embrace sensory appreciation when introducing children to new and healthy foods that will shape their perceptions and better evolve maturing taste buds.

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Patti has been in the nutrition field for nearly 40 years. Her work and passion in the field of Neuroscience of Taste has led her to the field of saliva research and exploring the why behind the foods we like. Working in both clinical nutrition and integrative medicine/natural foods, Patti brings a unique blend of clinical, educational, holistic, consumer, and PR experience. She and her son created the Be Memorable foundation in which they support individuals making a difference in novel ways for kids’ nutrition (focusing on school gardens and childhood cancer). She is the author of Why is Shirley Unusual? an interactive children’s nutrition & gardening book, the proceeds of which go to sponsoring school gardens.

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Patti Milligan on Growing Healthier Eaters.

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