TCC Podcast Episode #228: Being a Student of the Craft of Copywriting with Eddie Biroun


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On the 228th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast, we’re joined by Eddie Biroun. Eddie is a conversion copywriter for e-comm and education brands and a forever learner of his craft. After fumbling into copywriting, he knew it was something he wanted to commit to for the long run. He became intrigued with understanding branding and what truly makes a brand stand the test of time. During our conversation, we talked about going from professional student to professional copywriter and how you can make the same leap. We also talked about: • why stages of awareness are important and why buzzwords don’t create a connection • failing and how you can (and should) make it work to your advantage • how expecting a perfect first draft is like looking for a unicorn • going from obtaining knowledge and skills in copywriting to putting it into action • Eddie’s process in downloading the voice of a new client and why it’s important to effective copy • how your creative artist and managerial side have to be separate when writing the first draft • why feedback (even negative feedback) is essential to becoming a better copywriter • choosing projects and people who empower you and respect your craft • how learning and improving will always be a part of copywriting and it doesn’t need to be something you learn in a day • how having a mentor speeds up the process because direct feedback is readily available • where to look for red flags and how using your gut can save you a lot of headaches • why building a better relationship with your mind will help you tackle imposter syndrome when it comes up (because it does for all of us) • why taking care of your life side of things is vital to take care of the work side of things • how copywriters have the power to make other people’s dreams come true (we are wizards after all) • copywriting isn’t just a flippant task, it’s the infrastructure for long-term success • why having a morning routine will keep you focused when in the copy cave (did we mention this includes reading?) • how to navigate through writer’s block when perfectionism or ideas need to be uncovered Need a dose of motivation to stop going into information overload and start applying what you’re learning? This episode with Eddie might do just the trick. Hit the play button below (or read the transcript below!) The people and stuff we mentioned on the show: The Almanack of Naval How to Create Your Copywriter Website (written by Eddie) Eddie's Instagram Kira’s website Rob’s website The Copywriter Club Facebook Group The Copywriter Underground Full Transcript: Rob: Getting better at copywriting, this thing that we all do, isn't easy. And sometimes we get stuck in a project, we get stuck getting started or we get stuck struggling to find clients. Our guest for the 228th episode of The Copywriter Club Podcast is Eddie Biroun. Eddie is the kind of copywriter who hates getting stuck and he's figured out what it takes to get moving again when he has gotten stuck. In fact, he's made dramatic improvements over the past year or two in how fast he writes, in the quality of his writing and the kinds of clients that he's working with. We think that you're going to get quite a bit from the experiences that Eddie shares in this interview. Kira: Before we share our interview with Eddie, this podcast episode is brought to you by TCC (Not) In Real Life, our event for copywriters and other smart marketers who want to learn from experts like Joanna Wiebe, Todd Brown, Jereshia Hawk, Joel Klettke, Momo Price, and so many others like them. But it's not just about speakers and presentations and sitting through more Zoom calls because you don't need that. TCC IRL is really famous for connecting copywriters with each other and helping you to form real relationships, even friendships, potentially partnerships with other copywriters and marketers. To learn more,

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