Power to Empower: Sara Minkara on Redefining Inclusivity for Empowerment


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Advocate and disability and inclusion expert Sara Minkara sat down with host Alyse Nelson to discuss her approach to framing inclusivity as a value-based proposition and how we can all lead with empathy and without assumption. Sara, the founder of the non-profit Empowerment Through Integration (ETI), draws from her experience as a blind, Lebanese-American woman who, despite barriers intent on blocking her way to success, has refuted the need for societal validation and instead created her own narrative and followed her unique path, realizing the only way to make change was to create it herself.

Listen in to learn more about the incredible work Sara has done to redefine the concept of inclusivity and create opportunities for everyone. Understanding that inclusion is a value for all, Sara’s words and actions leave an impact on all who hear them, proving the way women lead differently by bridging lines that seek to divide.

To learn more about Vital Voices, visit www.vitalvoices.org. This series is inspired by our book, Vital Voices: 100 Women using their Power to Empower, edited by Alyse Nelson with art by Gayle Kabaker, published by Assouline.

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