Sensual Transformation (Sexual Transmutation): The Tantra Edition.


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About Me:

I can wear lingerie and a pair of Tyra Banks Victoria’s Secret inspired wings – but don’t get it twisted, I can press a pair of kettlebells too.

My name is Jasmyne and I believe that every woman was meant to have a body of a goddess in the most signature of ways, we were meant to be the sexiest potential of ourselves and this is what the high performance lifestyle for goddess is. Your body is a goddess lingerie, why not “goddess it” into it’s truest, most holistic form. Every woman and is perfectly designed to become more of a goddess within herself.

Your body is your lingerie. Why not sculpt it into it’s sexiest truth?

Visit my private goddess paradise:

Ready to train like a goddess? Reveal your goddess body with the luxurious Goddess Reveal training program, in the most sacred, sensual, and fitness like way:

You are magnetic. You are radiant. You are beauty redefined. You are both a goddess in a making and woman who is bold enough to be redefined. Your body? It’s not just a body. It’s made from the most divine feminine cloth in the world, you are both the Versace, Gucci, and the Chanel. Your body? It’s not simply a body. It’s feminine allure dipped wrapped up in the sexiest lingerie in the world.

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