Why This Cyber Expert Knows Purposeful Commitment is the Heart of Podcast Success - Advice from All In with Rick Jordan


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Many people quit their podcasting journey even before they had begun for fear of producing something that isn’t perfect. However, many successful podcasters will attest that there is never a perfect first episode, or even the next ones right after. Showing the ups and downs of being a podcaster, Tracy Hazzard talks to Rick Jordan, a nationally recognized voice on cybersecurity business and ethics and the host of All In with Rick Jordan, to have his take and advice on why purposeful commitment is at the heart of podcast success. Rick shares his journey to podcasting, how he struggled with starting his show, and later on forming a team to do the essential things. He then discusses how he uses his show to purposefully serve his business and how he shows that professionalism that gets his listeners wanting to binge. Podcasting is an on-going journey that you can never perfect on the first try. What you can do is just go all in, offer the value you have to the world, and continually commit to growing one episode at a time.


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