31 | Kate's HBAC - Switch from hospital to homebirth at 35 weeks; Emergency Caesarean, Post-Dates, Overactive Pelvic Floor, Gestational Diabetes, High BMI, Public Hospitals, MGP, Private Midwife, Doula


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In today's episode we meet Kate, a mum of two who lives with her husband near Newcastle north of Sydney. Kate's had the unique journey of experiencing three kinds of maternity care models across her two pregnancies. Her VBAC journey began with an emergency caesarean performed in Sydney while she was under the midwifery group practice continuity of care model, also known as MGP. Kate walked away from this birth without any overriding feelings of trauma, but for a long time thought there was something wrong with her body, in particular her pelvis.

Before falling pregnant with her second child she became well educated on birth and wanted to get into the MGP again, however this wasn't possible at her new local hospital in Newcastle. She ended up subscribing to the standard fragmented public hospital care, which is currently the most accessible model of care available to Australian birthing women. Kate faced numerous challenges during her VBAC pregnancy, from Covid restrictions to being told she had gestational diabetes. The additional stress of this and more took its toll on her and she sought out a private midwife at 35 weeks to facilitate a homebirth, affording her the opportunity to birth in the way she really wanted.

Listen to hear how Kate's VBAC journey unfolds and find out about all the incredible resources she tapped into during her VBAC pregnancy, preparing her to potentially birth at 43 weeks. Kate also honestly shares the challenges she experienced in the postpartum period even after experiencing a euphoric homebirth, and what she would do differently next time.

~ Notes ~

Doula: Jules Coffey
Instagram: @julescoffey

Pelvic Floor: Bernadette Lack from Core Floor & Restore
Instagram: @corefloorrestore

Birth with Confidence by Rhea Dempsey
Your Baby Your Birth by Hollie de Cruz
Why Induction Matters by Dr. Rachel Reed (Midwife Thinking blog)

Loretta Mullins at Healing Wave Chiro in Warner's Bay

Jolene Azzopardi at Sosho House

Eloise Hyne

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