Hellraiser (aka The Alexander Hamilton of F***ing ) with Elana Levin


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Fear Level: Horrifying
Trigger Warnings: BODY HORROR, blood, guts, insects, maggots, attempted sexual assault,

  • Director: Clive Barker
  • Writers: Clive Barker
  • Stars: Andrew Robinson (Garak!), Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence

Hellraiser is a horror classic and with good reason. The special effects are incredible, the monsters are memorable, and for some reason half of the cast had their voices dubbed over. Okay, we're not as keep on that last one, but Hellraiser is revered at large and especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. But why? Oh, we have such sights to show you.

Topics of Discussion:
-This movie doesn't know its monster's name yet.
-Makeup you can't talk or move in.
-Clive Barker's home run the first time at the plate
-Industrial music, Aphex Twin, and other things Emily could give a Ted Talk on
-The queer lens of Clive Barker
-Frank - hot, disgusting, or both - discuss!
-A simple tailor
-What a woman will go through to get some goo dick
-Hammer time!
-Penises with teeth and stingers
-The final girl rubix cube.

Season of the Witch (1972)
The Company of Wolves
"The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories" by Angela Carter
The Music Videos of Chris Cunningham
The Thing
Things with Beards

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