Ep 18: Truth & Love - Gender, Women, & The Church


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John Shaw is back on the podcast. John started this series with a podcast about the importance of communication. Then two weeks ago, he discussed the issue of race and the church. This week he returns with another timely issue – gender, women, and the church. This is certainly a topic of conversation both outside and inside the church. But we need to ask the question within our own Reformed circle, and especially in our OPC circle: Have we considered carefully our own application of biblical principles on this matter? And maybe more pointed: Are we willing to have our own blind spots exposed, to consider how we can be more consistently biblical in affirming the appropriately high place of women in the church of Jesus Christ? In addition to the podcast, John has included some questions below to help us think about application, for those who are interested in digging a little deeper. What are some of our blind spots? And how can we address those blind spots with more consistent biblical practice? You can find those questions below, along with some suggested reading and resources. Go to outwardopc.com for questions and resources.

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