John Commerford: Chief of Operations for the National Rifle Association


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John Commerford grew up in Pennsville, NJ. with Anthony Matarerse Jr. and they consider themselves best friends. John hunted and shot at M&M in his earlier days and worked side jobs to be able put extra cash in his pocket so that he could travel to tournaments.

John later interned with the NRA and when his internship was over, he was offered a job. Still loving the sport, while he was at the National Rifle Association, he was offered the Assistant GM role at Krieghoff International where he met and made friends with a lot of people throughout the NSCA.

When John left KI, he went back to the NRA as well as sat on the the Executive Council for the NSCA for 2 years. He is now Chief of Operations for the National Rifle Association and Chairman for the NRA Victory Fund.

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