Deus Ex Encyclopedia w/ Ian Chillag & Mike Danforth


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Ian Chillag, playing for Water Drop LA, and Mike Danforth, playing for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, put the pedal to the meddle to solve some Encyclopedia Brown mysteries! It’s a How To Do Everything reunion, so let’s see if “solve children’s mysteries” was one of the everything Mike and Ian taught us all how to do.

Cases: The Case of the Disgusting Sneakers, The Case of the Smugglers’ Secret, The Case of the Fireflies, The Case of the Violinist’s Chair,

Clues & Evidence: The Odelios, wonderful wordsmithery, embarrassing initials, Owl City, mousepads, Pamphlet Brown, German gumdröps, Field of Dreams, alternate tree names, anti-prodigies

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