SUFB 1131: Don't Do This When Creating Conservation Messages


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We need to manage the human population in order to protect the Ocean. I remember Dr. Edd Hind-Ozan saying that statement in a conversation we had while planning for the International Marine Conservation Congress in Malaysia (2018). It always stuck with me because it was so true. Humans pose the biggest disturbances that contribute to our major issues in the Ocean (Climate Change, Plastic Pollution, Overfishing, and Marine Pollution). I want to add to the statement that we have to change the way humans behave around the Ocean. Conservation messaging will be important to accomplish behaviour change.

Behaviour change is an important field in Marine Conservation as it explains how to get the attention of a specific target market to change their behaviour for a conservation outcome. Messaging plays a large role in getting people's attention, holding it to educate them, and inspire them to follow the call to action.

For example, Plastic pollution is causing the death of marine mammals, we should stop using single-use plastic. It's a basic message that won't change people's behaviour, but there are ways to make the message more appealing. some people fail hard at that message.

I talk about two recent incidences that provide great examples of how not to create conservation messages.

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