07. How to make a living doing what you love with the cofounders of The Happy Startup School


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Laurence McCahill and Carlos Saba have founded The Happy Startup School — a community of entrepreneurs that put happiness and impact before profits. In this episode they told us how to turn a company into a happy startup and whether it is the best way to become successful.

Оne of the most difficult issues we discussed was finding a passion that drives you. Other points were also meaningful:
— how people can make a living by doing creative things;
— why we should think twice before turning our hobbies into a career;
— why it is crucially important to stop and consider your ways, even if there is a rat race all around;
— what you need to do first before launching a new business: test the idea or test yourself;
— how communities can boost your business growth.

Moreover, Laurence and Carlos talked about the tool they have created for early-stage startups — The Happy Startup Canvas. This framework helps to create the DNA of organizations: define the main purpose and core values ​​of companies which are necessary for their future growth.

If you want to find your passion and build a happy startup, turn on this episode and let it be a source of inspiration to you.

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