Episode 134 - Ali Pottinger and Kerry Suter, Ask the Coaches


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Kia Ora Whanau. One of the most enjoyable things about spending such a long time on the mic with Squadrun founders Kerry Suter and Ali Pottinger at Tarawera ultramarathon was the off-mic talk about training, race craft, and physiology. They were dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange (Yauch Diamond & Horowitz 1989). We thought it would be an excellent idea to get the pair back onDirt Church Radio for a deep dive into some coaching knowledge. What follows is a wonderfully informative discussion around training plans, specificity, Why your watch sucks, strength training, are junk miles real, and what separates a “good” runner from a “great” runner. We also have a Greatest Run Ever with family honour and money on the line, Stuff you Should Know when we cover some of the amazing racing that are happening in Aotearoa and Australia and why it’s unlikely that Matt and Eugene will ever score a Six Foot Track plate. Enjoy.

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