Ep.103 Coming Home to Your Body with the Enneagram featuring Guest Erin Baute


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Episode Notes

This week we dive into all things Enneagram with expert Erin Baute! We are delighted to welcome her to the show to discuss the intersection of the Enneagram and Intuitive Eating. If you’ve ever wondered how learning more about the number you identify with and how it relates to your body, then this episode is for you!


Find Erin Baute: @livingtheenneagram on Instagram and Living the Enneagram on Facebook

www.livingtheenneagram.com – where you can sign up for her newsletter and find out all of her offerings!


Enneagram Books

  • The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut
  • The Enneagram by Rohr and Ebert
  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson
  • The Enneagram in Love and Work by Helen Palmer
  • The Nine Types of Leadership by Beatrice Chestnut
  • Bringing Out the Best of Yourself at Work by Ginger Lapid-Bogda

Enneagram Communities / Schools

Where to Find an Accredited Enneagram Professional or Program

The International Enneagram Association - https://www.internationalenneagram.org/

Enneagram Online Tests

  • RHETI from The Enneagram Institute is the only test that has any empirical data, showing about a 46% accuracy. It’s a great place to start, however the individual needs to do the reflective work to fill in the remaining details. No other online Enneagram test has published scientific information on their validity or reliability in producing accurate Enneagram results.
  • Interesting in a Typing Interview? Book a private typing interview through www.radicalwellness.co to move through the process of discovering primary type, instinct, patterns of movement, and wings within the model.

Enneagram Podcasts

  • Do It For The Gram
  • Typology


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