Burn It All Down!


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When you ask for help do you really want help or do you just want to complain? I'm talking about the person that ends up in your dm's ready to give you their 2 sense on how to make your program better, or what they would do differently yet they aren't exactly successful themselves. All to often it can be easy to fall into this trap of telling someone else where their focus should lie rather than zooming in on where our own focus should be.

In this episode Nicole dives into the self awareness of building the fortress out of legos just to become Godzilla and destroy the entire city. We're talking about falling into the old pattern of self-destruction rather than allowing outside forces to take us down. But, haven't you ever noticed it seems to be those not doing as much as you that have the 2 cents on your business? Nicole is about to burst your bubble, because people who are so focused on what everyone else should be doing are distracted from what they should be most focused on.

There is a difference in a person who really wants to make a change, and those who wallow in self pity.

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