Capt. Dave Carraro - "You Make Your Own Luck."


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Our guest on this episode of the show is Captain Dave Carraro. Dave originally hails from New Jersey , but now calls Gloucester, Massachusetts his home town. He has over 40 years of experience giant bluefin tuna fishing and has had many season with 50+ giant bluefin to the boat...
For the last decade, Dave and his crew of the have been a featured boat on National Geographic's "Wicked Tuna" and he has one of the most successful charter fishing companies on the east coast. Not only is Dave an experienced charter and commercial fishing captain, but he has over 25 years of experience being a pilot. Currently his is a captain at Jet Blue.
Taylor and I had a lot of fun during this conversation. It's always awesome setting down and picking the brain of someone who is equally obsessed with the same type of fishing as you. Dave is a wealth of knowledge, and in this episode we sit down and compare detailed notes on bluefin tuna fishing and discuss common theories we believe in...while also trying to wrangle the dogs.
We think you will all enjoy this one! Lot's of laughs and a ton of good stories.
Warning! Santa Claus is discussed in this one... so, if you are a parent, be careful listening with the kids.
Stay Tight,
The Sears Brothers
Some Topics We Cover:
- Ski Racing
- Dave's intro to fishing and tuna fishing
- Fishing superstitions
- Live bait vs. dead bait
- Circle hooks and fishing one properly
- Grander bluefin
- Fishing Stellwagen Bank
- Fishing the Outer Banks
- Turning a mark into a bite
- Dave's scariest experience on the water
- How "Wicked Tuna" has helped and hurt his fishing program
- Dogs
- Santa Claus
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