Episode 3 - Que Vinh Dang - The Chef


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Transitioning from sous-chef to head chef is not dissimilar to one's jiu-jitsu journey. Our guest, Vietnamese Chef Que shares his recipe: first, master the fundamentals, but then create your own style. In your restaurant kitchen and in your game. Born in Vietnam, but having moved to New York City as a child, Chef Que grew up in an immigrant family in the Bronx. He then attended the Institute of Culinary Education and apprenticed at the some of the best New York restaurants. Upon moving to Hong Kong, Chef Que launched several successful and much beloved dining concepts including TBLS, Quest by Que, as well as his latest venture, NHAU, an exploration of contemporary Vietnamese cuisine. We talk about the nature of creativity, the difference between chefs and cooks, thinking in first principles and how the journey along the path of mastery is the same, whether it’s in cooking or jiu-jitsu.

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