58: How Youth Sports for Girls Develops Leadership with Stacie Oliver


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We are all familiar with the benefits of staying active, but have you ever thought about how important it is for younger children (especially girls) to get involved in youth sports?

They give girls the opportunity to develop all of the skills and traits that women need to thrive!

In this episode, I am talking with a dear friend of mine, Stacie Oliver. We are talking all about how girls are able to develop skills like confidence, leadership and teamwork through youth sports.

Stacie Oliver is a national security professional, a mother of two, a serial volunteer, and an ardent promoter of youth participation in sports. She started her own athletic journey at a very young age and now serves as a board member with a large youth recreational sports organization, coaches multiple field hockey teams, offers training services to active runners, plays on an adult field hockey team, and carts her own kids around to sports activities many days of the week. Stacie strongly believes that participation in sports, especially at any early age, enhances a child's confidence, builds leadership skills and community, and supports a healthy lifestyle.

This conversation is such a good reminder to encourage the young girls in our life to get active. It is also a good reminder for us as women that it is never too late to move our bodies or join a team!

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