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What lessons can we learn from our adult Heart Warriors?
Why might a Heart Mom write a book about her life experiences dealing with CHD?
How does a Heart Mom take her personal experiences to fight for others in the hospital?
Jenny Muscatell is a licensed social worker, blogger, author, photographer, and podcaster. She earned her Bachelor’s in Mental Health and Human Services through the University of Maine.
She has over two decades of experience in the social services field, specializing in crisis intervention, health systems, and end-of-life care. Deeply passionate about her work, Jenny is regarded as a fierce advocate, earning her the Child Welfare Rising to the Challenge Award.
Jenny lives with her husband Dan, and two daughters. Her first daughter Faith was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Jenny shared her life experiences, authoring the Amazon Best Selling book, “The Journey of Faith and an Open Heart” and as a public speaker on multiple platforms.
Through faith-filled presentations, heartfelt written words, and photography, Jenny’s mission is to give voice to the vulnerable, hope to the hurting, and to make way for the unspoken to be told.
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